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1:12 Scale model of Deloitte (HK) office
Even though it was a non-Festive March, sentiment and emotion surged suddenly, probably due to the creation of this artwork. Yet, rather than calling it an artwork, it sounds even better to name it a special gift of memory,
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because its "birth" marks a special memory. Being afraid of losing some important feelings, right in the very beginning when this opus was to be made, it was already supposed to be a record --- a memory record.

(Different angles photography.)

There is a saying that "life is the best recorder". I think because of this saying, those lovely staff and colleagues came up the idea of having this gift made to their boss who was about to retire. I think in their minds their boss is more like their colleague and friend, who share all the delights and hardship together. Recalling those days and nights and looking back all the familiar scenes and matters, all the bits and pieces of remembrances mark their spots in times and sparkle in memories.

(You can feel the strong personal style of who daily work in this office from this work.)

In my knowledge, a complete, emotion-attached piece of artwork should start with life feelings, going through spiritual and conceptual creativity, then modelling, and finally becomes an object of accomplishment.

(Most of pieces is painstakingly handcrafted by master craftsman.)

In my impression, accountants are dealing everyday with numbers and digits, and thick piles of reports and bills. Stiff and dull, boring, yet smart and professional. But you all give me a truly new feeling about this profession - warm and humble, good in communication, and affectionate. Under all the different pressures of today's life, the genuineness of such friendship is really very touching. Perhaps this was the main reason I agreed to build this model. Although not much time was allowed, the wonderful communication and cooperation made it possible to complete this work within a very limited of time.

(3D printing technique also used on this work.)

In about one month, we witnessed this work from scratch to completion. Nothing was missed from the surveying, measuring, and photo taking of the office, from marking the entire work station design and layout to every single details on the desk, on the chair and on the carpet. To maximize the lifelikeness of the piece, in the making process, 3D printing was also used in addition to handicraft, carving and colour painting. I hope by making this gift a great piece their friendship can be longer-lasting in their memories, long enough that everything is beautiful and wonderful no matter how long after it comes up their minds.

(Simulate the real process of making decoration. The glow effect is same as the real office.)

Also in about one month, I really appreciate everyone of my workmates. You all like a precious artisan, displaying the highest quality of work in each of your area, and step-by-step finishing this product with your will, devotion and talent. I also appreciate the trust my clients has given me. I feel so respectful for your high coordination and professionalism. You made me once curious about this "mysterious receiver", and was also touched by such of his great impact.

(Final inspection with Deloitte's workmates and setup at retirement farewell party.)

Time is always passing us silently, yet leaving memories behind us. These fragments of word record the sweets and sours of our moments, making all our unforgettable days and time the most precious and memorable.

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