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1:60 Gundam Repair Station in Jordan
Exhibit Show on ACGHK 2014 HK

"Hu...Hu..." With a deep breath, "Finally get the work done". Everyday was just like intensive flight in a war period. For a work in masterpiece quality, there must be equivalent effort and support behind the scene.
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DragonWorkshop is grateful and much obliged to Hong Kong BANDAI, on offering such precious opportunity. And to our customer and participated brands' enormous support.

DragonWorkshop were told by BANDAI that the diorama base was conceived in their mind long time ago. Elements such as bamboo scaffolding, leon lights, BBQ in roof, exchange of new & old society, with Gundam RX-78 fusion in the above elements, offering us a huge room to elaborate. Did you notice the Federal commander orchestrate a group of workers in the exhibition? What a brilliant idea! With the continual cooperation between BANDAI, we established the tacit understanding, BANDAI approved our works quickly. DragonWorkshop are thankful for the trust from BANDAI.

There were only 72 days when DragonWorkshop was commissioned to prepare for the exhibition, the days were not enough for such big project, hence DragonWorkshop has to put other orders aside, we heartily apologised to our affected customers. Master Lung was touched by his customers such that they were understanding, not only willing to get their ordered works later, but also offer various helps and suggestions. We were more confident to finish this project with the harmonic relationship amongst our customers.

(Some draft design of work for BANDAI)

The work was a team work by 7 professional modellers to process intensively and without rest holidays, tally up to more than 5000 hours. From scratch to the final master piece, except the Gundam and car model kits, the rest such as pedestrians and every decorations in the street are created by the team by never tradeoff procedures. There are 200 people model, from resin to various action posts, filming, colouring. The Gundam RX-78 were professional sanding, spraying, colouring and ageing effect. As a professional model, we cannot get through our conscience by only putting out of the box car kits on the diorama base. Consequently, each cars on the road are equipped with LED lamps, driver, passengers, rear mirrors, license plate etc. That possible reveals what means by "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" by Master Lung.

(Over 200 handmade different posture people models)

"If we are offered one more week, we are able to come out some new elements to make the work more delicate and interesting" Said Master Lung, he always insists to make the work impeccable before the final exhibition. In the work in progress state, DragonWorkshop conducted site visits to various sights in Hong Kong and took more than 1000 photos for reference. Maybe you once met a very tall man with an iPad, in front of rubbish bin, road zebra crossing, road lamps, by taking photos around the object in different angles, you don't need to be afraid, the tall man may be Master Lung. You may notice the road in the diorama base, it has slightly changes in color and texture, the space and conducting pipe between air conditioners in adjacent buildings. Different postures of the pedestrians on the street or in the mall. Fusion with harmonic sense from the imagined Gundams. You will realize Master Lung does not intend to make a buildings models, his intention is to elaborate the story of the street.

(Officer and Master Lung are directing all of worker to repair the gundam)

Another very challenging task was obtaining the authorisation on brand using. The work needs to use real retailing shops and their brands logo. In order to archive ultimate realistic outcome, DragonWorkshop decided to contact known companies in Hong Kong to have their authorization. This approach would couple the overall progress with the authorization. We hope to put the prosperity of the street and vivid shops in the same diorama base. As you can imagine, it has exceeded the freely imagined diorama base in the past. Undoubtedly, there were some bad experience on seeking targeted companies authorization, or period without positive feedback. Like famous Jewellery shop, we did the worst preparation, it is fine to mimic a fake Jewellery shop, but that would contradicts our alignment to the realistism. Fortunately, we finally make it with several rounds of contact and approval procedures. DragonWorkshop is grateful to CHOW TAI FOOK Jewellery Group Limited and its Corporate Affair's officer Miss Sze support and trust. With different famous brand support and participation, our faith was further boosted.

(Retailing shops and brands logo at diorama base)

Our success relies on the participated brands and their companies' trust. For instance, Travel Expert, they allowed us to choose one of their branches as reference model, after we chose Pak Po Street branch, Travel Expert's market department immediately arranged us to took the interior photos and information collection. Karen, the representative in the said branch, even proactively arranged a colleague as model to us to take the photos, we are obliged to share her kindness. Magic-Pro is another company offered printed bus advertisement to turn the scene more lively. Microsoft also offered detailed information to us, included the office wall design and each tablet's specification, turn our modelling process smoothly, much appreciate.

(1:60 simulation retailing shop)

There is also a thrilling event to be shared. Before the final exhibition, DragonWorkshop was informed by BANDAI to make street signboard more crowded, that means we had to contact representative signboards companies within 2 days. Master Lung felt that tutoring culture is prevalent, then we targeted several scaled tutoring groups in Hong Kong. May be linked by fate or great minds think alike, we got replied within an hour after invitation from Beacon College. What a surprise! We thanked Beacon College for the quick response.

(Apple Daily Interview and the show time)

In this exhibition, DragonWorkshop put all Hong Kong's street prosperous elements into the diorama base. It exceeds the difficulty that imposed on the imaged diorama base. We will make more break through endeavours in the coming futures, please stay tuned.

DragonWorkshop thanks all customers and supported and participated brands.

After the exhibition, there have been irresponsible gossips and defamation in the Internet. Purported DragonWorkshop received a lot of sponsorship, advertisement fee along the course. We have to make a official clarification: DragonWorkshop does not receive any financial benefits from the participated brands. We reserve the rights to take legal actions against any ungrounded gossip and defamation.

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