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Gundam Docks in Hong Kong
This summer, Hong Kong stands as world's largest Gundam base outside Japan.
(Click image to show the making of work)
DragonWorkshop feels great honor to be the consultant in this project.

Here we like to say thank you to Hong Kong Times Square and Bandai Hong Kong for the support and assistant to keep every step go smooth. Some friends ask me why accept such a big project in such time limit?

With deepest understanding about Gundam model structure and years of engineering knowledge, I can say this project could be done on time. Furthermore, this project is going to break 3 world records of Gundam models. I like to take the challenge.

1:3 RX-78 Gundam shield of 4 meters was the largest shield ever. Due to huge size and precise like 1:48, in this limited timeline, not other usual prototype material could be done; I decided to use plywood to build up the shield. As a carpenter before, this job was not such difficult to me; it does not take me a lot of time to finish.
1:3 Zaku II was the largest ever, together with 21sets of 1:10 Zaku II models, the difficulty was made from nothing else in a very short time. To complete this mission impossible, DragonWorkshop did most prototype parts for Tanzan Production.

Finally, the 1:25 White Base of 10 meters long was the largest Gundam mother ship ever built. With the gigantic size and over 1000kg of weight, White Base has to be hanging up in the air inside Hong Kong Time Square. Security was the most important condition to focus. After the stay in Hong Kong, White base has to be dis-assembled and ship to her home town in Japan. Assembling structure would be a key point in structural design that spent lots of our effort. Remember there was only 5 weeks to complete everything. In this period, we have to spend some time on our existing project going. Time is too tight for us. According to our experience, how safety is so important above all, it took all of our attentions. FIVE weeks to complete this project is amazing. Looking into workmanship and details, we can say that it was not that good. Please forgive me on it.

In the coming days, when huge projects are coming up, we will surely share with everyone.

Finally, I have to say thank you to all of our customer ordered models in DragonWorkshop. Thank you very much for the understanding and patience that we delay the delivery date of your models. When you know that we are making such a big project with Gundam, you will be cheerful too.

Thank you very much to all party supporting the project. Although it was breath taking, clock is digging, when you see people in Hong Kong enjoy and feel exciting on the show, happiness and achievement are floating between you and me.
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