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Since the launch of 1:1 Iron Man for exhibition, DragonWorkshop has received phenomenal feedbacks.
We also have made worldwide friends who are experienced and enthusiastic modelers and players. We are grateful for the fans support, they have given us positive comments and suggestions. There are also numerous questions raised on this project, thus we would like to use this article, not only share our modelling, but also aim to answer those questions.

DragonWorkshop is honored to collaborate with King Arts in 1:1 IRON MAN Mark VI project. The model is officially authorized by Marvel as the *ONLY ONE* that can be used for exhibition purpose. King Arts' parent company has been collaborated with Tokyo Disney for several years already on toys production. King Arts is the initiative of that parent company from backend production house to frontend toys retailer. The first exhibition brougt by King Arts to toys model domain is IRON MAN, which is one of very popular in Marvel super heroes series.

DragonWorkshop founder Master Lung was excited being invited to participate this project.In addition, Master Lung was granted extremely flexible freedom on presenting the 1:1 Iron Man, that freedom actually posts bigger demands on DragonWorkshop. As professional model consultant, apart from fundamentally establishing a brand new IRON MAN model, how to present IRON MAN as vivid and lively as possible is the biggest challenge. Master Lung, as senior modeler, fathomed various IRON MAN kits. Combined a basket of factors, from point of difficulty and expressiveness, the damaged version is the ultimate sophisticated presentation of IRON MAN.

After studied existed IRON MAN models in the market, Master Lung observed the majority of models are made by putting production convenience in the first place. Consequently, that production constraints put considerable limitations on structural and appearance design, weaken the feeling of reality. The most expressive IRON MAN will be only available in CG, Master Lung aims to materialize the IRON MAN in the movies into real model.

There are seven parts from original kit, they are head, chest, waist, arms and hands, foots. Each pie is unicasted, lack of delicacy and details. Thus, DragonWorkshop recasted details by adding new parts and making amendments on structure and appearance. A near real, armed IRON MAN is born. IRON MAN's armor mainly made from Titainium which is light weight, strong and resistant to erosion, it is a sliver white transitional metal. The armor will reveal its original color after fights.

(There is Master Lung's autographed on stand's tablet.)

It is too common to see a clean, polished and un-damaged IRON MAN models in the market. In contrast to this type of models, DragonWorkshop rather think the most attractive IRON MAN should be the victory form after fierce fights with villains. With iterative fighting scene in mind, DragonWorkshop would like to expressive various degrees of collisions, heated, smoked, bullets hit. By manipulating color depth, embodying the sense of metal weight. Further to emphasize the reality of damages, DragonWorkshop meticulously painted silver oil and making real scratches in the armor.

Master Lung led two modelers, spend two and half months to sanding the kit and paintings. According to DragonWorkshop standard, each work is counted by man hour. Thus 3 persons x 2.5 months X 26 working days X 10 hours, total 1950 man hours spent! Master Lung always believes the design required more efforts than the implementation, "got the idea, got the doable thing". Making such work not just for money, the most valuable reward is to share our commitment and meticulous attitude to enthusiastic model players.

(The works's eyes, hands and chest also with lights.
In order to have a better photo effect. The lighting effects is post-production by software.)

Master Lung wishes you treat IRON MAN work as a supercar. You can look at texture, sense of weight, curved lines. It is well left-right balanced, full of steel texture. Each line is straight in the body, each surface is smooth. No cover on the damaged area. Many feedback praised our painting work. Master Lung would like to share the success factor of painting, its core is "sanding". "Tall building lies on strong foundation", it does not require too many make up on a petty girl(foundation). Without good foundation, even makeup professional cannot gurantee the outcome.

(The works 360 degree-photo. Also can view at YouTube) YouTube Page YouTube Page

(In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version should be considered as final.)
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